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Even Now almost a decade after the Banking crash We face a “Campaign of Austerity” driven by the “Excess of the Banking Industry” that results in the need for Authorities to “Save Money” with the first option All to often seaming to have an effect on those Least able to bear the Burden
Social Housing Tenants
Community Organisations
With the Fabric & Infrastructure in the communities perceived as “Outside the curve” Starved of Funding for whatever the “Plausible Excuse being used”.

The Increased use of critical support events like visits to Food Banks by increasing levels of users, plus 600 cases of "Substandard Housing" reported to Renfrewshire Citizens Advice.


It is time to Act.


The Downtrodden Tenant

Bad housing exists not because the housing system is not working but because it is the way it works.

We are working on a pile of projects around the Radical Imagination and opening the “Open Source” to the people who need it most.


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It seems that to be labled "Radical" requires nothing more than the desire to see Justice, Honesty and Inclusion in the............ Mechanism of Democracy.......